January 12, 2005


Three things I saw or found this week that I really like:

1. Chantico from Starbucks -- It may be kind of a dumb, pretentious name but it's a killer hot chocolate drink and, after only three days, I am completely addicted. It reminds me of nothing so much as the chocolate I used to have on a regular basis when I studied in Spain, which was enjoyed with churros. Ah, the memories. The best of the chocolate y churros were always found in the little corner mom and pop cafes, not the tourist traps, and you could sit there for as long as you wanted, enjoying your snack and just chatting or reading and relaxing. This drink isn't near as thick as what they serve in Spain, but the flavor is so reminiscent that it took me right back. The delicate, slightly overpriced cookies that are (sometimes) available to dip into Chantico are nothing like churros, but are better than nothing. If you like good hot chocolate, I suggest stopping by your local Starbucks sometime soon. It's pretty reasonably priced and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

2. Take 5 from Hershey's -- This is a new candy bar that I stumbled upon at the grocery store when I wasn't particularly looking. Even better was that it was on sale, probably as a come-on to get us to try it. It worked and I'm hooked. It has chocolate (of course), caramel, peanuts peanut butter and pretzels. Perhaps an unusual combination, but it's delicious; sweet, salty, smooth and crunchy all at the same time. Yum! The bar is divided into two pieces, so you can either share (yeah, right) or have half now and half later, which I like.

3. The George Forman Grill from Play-Doh -- Yes, you read that right, Play-Doh. This had me cracking up in the aisle of the store when I saw it. It's just so damned cute; it even "sizzles" when the grill plate is pressed. Kids can form Play-Doh into various foods, including bacon that can be extruded (I love that word) from the back of the grill. If you're intrigued, click on the demo at the link. It's quite authentic-looking and I think it would be a fine addition to any child's toy chest or play kitchen. If anyone's kid has this, I'd love to know how they like it. (Oh, and Norman? There is no mold for whipping up kitty cats to grill, sorry.)

Three things I saw or found this week that I really didn't like:

1. The cynicism and negativity displayed by some people over the "comments for fundraising" efforts at other blogs. "How do we know they're even going to do what they say they're going to do?" Well, I suppose we don't, Mr. Cranky Pants, but what exactly did it cost you if, for some wacky reason, they don't? Are you being charged by the comment? "You're just doing this to get comments and votes." Please. Are you really that small that you have to anonymously slam a woman who is nothing but kind and generous? Yeah, I guess some people actually are.

2. Non-stop rain in California that not only kept me wearing a goofy-looking slicker for days on end but, far more importantly, caused death and destruction. The pictures of the mudslides in SoCal were scary and chilling.

3. This. This. And this. Not the breakup, per se (though who likes to see any marriage end, really), but the nauseatingly zealous coverage of every possible aspect of it.