January 31, 2005


Just a little mid-day post to remind people one last time about the contest to come up with an idea for a new reality (or unreality!) show.

All of your fellow blog competitors really are intimidated by the ideas you have been letting "brew" in your head (you know you want that Starbucks card), so put them out of their misery and send your idea in before the end of the day.

Don't worry so much about the rules and take a "shot." I just had fun putting them together -- they're nothing out of the ordinary, "Joe." Chances are quite good that you'll "whip" the competition.

Okay, enough with the coffee references. Besides, if I were you I'd be playing for the See's candy, 'cause it rocks. Did I mention it's the gold box of truffles?

Which, by the way, Guys, would make a fantastic Valentine's Day gift for that special Girl and would leave you NOT having to scramble to come up with something last minute! And just think how nice it would be for them to get something not available at your local drug store or gas station.

It will be there in plenty of time, so you can spend that extra time not taken up by perusing all those velvet hearts (to find the least tacky one from what's left) checking out the cards to find one that will melt her heart. I can envision some fine lovin' in your future...

Update: Thanks to all of you who got your entries in! The judges will now retire to their ridiculously lavish chambers to ponder the wonder of your creativity.