May 20, 2004

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

After a very frustrating night of computer problems and a workday filled with zero free time, I'm happily back. I was all excited last night to post about today being "Save a Carb" day, as I learned on Inner Bitch, but as I was preparing to do so everything went kaput. I celebrated in my own way, though, with a big ol' grilled cheese and bacon sandwich with a side of fries for lunch. Go Team Carbs!

So, since it's a day for regrets (on more than just missing the chance to once again slam the low-carb trend -- I'm sorry, Sean), I'll share another one. I learned today that, if I were a more mercenary type, I could now be the proud owner of: a full pound of the finest candy in the state (See's rocks); a 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card (wasn't that the last season he was actually healthy?); the gratitude of a bona fide reality TV personality (An "Average Joe" participant); or an all-expenses-paid trip to Vancouver (a city I'd really like to visit again).

Yes, there's an entire site devoted to people wanting to swap all sorts of stuff for the highly sought-after Gmail invites that some current account owners are allowed to share. Some of the "offers" are pretty funny, some are pretty lame; some are pretty desperate; and some are really sweet.

But I found my perfect offer all on my own: Fat Dude and BytchInNY have promised to name either their first child or the next pet they smuggle into their apartment (whichever comes first) after me. I hope it's a pet, really, so I won't be cursing a child to a life of, "No, it's Maura, M-a-u-r-a, like 'Laura' with an 'M'...That's close enough, thanks." :sighs: