May 17, 2004

Two hundred words - Short enough for you?

Bowing to the pressure in my head from a headache that dogged me all day and complaints from certain quarters that I use "too many words,” this will be short.

This article, and all it represents, makes me very happy. In short (see, a theme), I think we've got a lot of nerve to claim to be "the land of the free" when not all consenting adults are free to enjoy something as basic as a governmentally recognized union -- debate over the semantics of "marriage" isn't worth it to me -- due to religion-based objections in a country where religion doesn't have a place in government. The last time this topic came up here, someone pointed out that not all objections to same-sex marriage are based on religion. I would argue that "moral" objections are grounded in religious ones that have become cultural, whether or not someone identifies with a religion or a faith.

And, on a related note, this article and this article together highlight (almost all) the reasons why I am no longer part of the Catholic Church, and reaffirm that decision for me. That's as brief as it gets on topics that are important to me!