May 28, 2004

A Dog of a Site

OPO's First Semi-Annual Art Half Week wraps up with a cute site for which I wish I had the name! But, alas, this one is in Japanese. The place I found it referred to it as Cocktail Weiner Art, and since that's pretty apt, it works for me.

I have just enough knowledge of German that yesterday's site didn't make me run for the translator. Today's did. After you take a look and try to guess what some of those are, I suggest going to Babel Fish and entering the URL into the lower field to translate the whole page to English. It doesn't all come out, but enough does to make it worthwhile.

The very first one is my favorite, but I didn't really feel that way until I clicked on the picture and got to see it bigger...with instructions! I think I may just be inspired enough to attempt some of these babies at our little barbeque this holiday weekend. Anyone have any requests? I'd say I'll take pictures to share the results, but I haven't finished figuring out how to make the new Picassa/Hello feature from Blogger work in order to post them so I don't want to make any empty promises. We'll see how it goes.

Now if you don't mind, I'm off to Wienerschnitzel because I'm experiencing a terrible craving for hot dogs. Can't imagine why.