May 12, 2004

Would you like some tasty veggie spread on that burger?

On a day that will get a little gold star in my personal calendar, One Ping Only had bestowed upon it three, count 'em three, highly coveted tasty burgers by the Fat Dude at Fat Eye for the Skinny Guy. I am both honored and humbled by his review and I hope that if you've found this site through his link, you'll stay awhile and leave a comment or two to share your thoughts.

As a possible condiment for those burgers, I'm considering this new product. I see only two problems -- I have no idea how to pronounce the darned thing, and nowhere does it say how it tastes! Frankly, "shelf-stable, easy to prepare and convenient to eat" has me thinking "Vitameatavegemin." The real question isn't how it tastes, of course. The real question is: Is it low-carb??