July 19, 2004

Norman's Cat Corner - The "Better Late than Never" edition

Peri Posted by Hello

Ah, what could be better than returning from a little vacation to resume posting with a picture of my favorite cat?  (I think Norman's answer would be, "Just about anything.")  
This is our cat, Peri, in a recent photo taken about two years after the inaugural Cat Corner shot featuring her as a kitten.  She is our family's first cat (we'd only ever had dogs before) so watching her grow up has been a real trip.  Here, she is seen in my mom's new place getting used to her unfamiliar surroundings. 
She has taken on a few new personality traits since the move -- such as deciding that my mom shouldn't sleep past 6:00am or so on any given morning.  She will meow and meow until Mom either gets up or throws her out of the room.  If Mom resists and gets her to pipe down, Peri will come back and try again in about a half hour.  But when Mom finally succumbs and leaves the room, Peri will immediately assume her new usual spot under the bed and not come out or make another peep for hours.  When I show up and she's still under there, I'll lay down, lift up the dust ruffle and say, "Hello!"  I get one meow in response and then she ignores me until she is sure that I haven't brought along any strangers and decides it's safe to come out.   
We decided a few months after she came to us that maybe we should have named her "Scaredy" instead of Peri (which, in case you were wondering, is short for Peridot after the color of her eyes) because she is frightened by everything apart from the bugs she stalks with a relentless intensity matched only by jungle cats hunting their prey.  If only she understood the concept of "it's dead," as she keeps looking for them long after they've gone to the big bug zapper in the sky.