July 21, 2004

Too Tired

Last night I was three-quarters of the way through a post about how I was too damned tired of pseudo-political debate to blog about political things for the time being, when Blogger threw some sort of hissy fit and lost a chunk of what I'd written while I was trying to save it.  It kept acting up and lost that part again, so I gave up.

Tonight I am too damned tired to try to recreate what was lost and pick up the thread of the salient point I was trying to make before getting to the link the whole thing was really about.  So here is the link -- it's a quiz (a real quiz, not a Quizilla construct with questionable spelling) to determine whether you're Red or Blue.  As the intro points out, "Red and blue are states of mind, not actual states.  Red and blue aren't absolute predictors of political leanings, either...Instead, it's an amorphous condition."

I was somewhat surprised by my results, which put me squarely in the middle, until I really thought about it and realized that it was actually fairly accurate.  If you're interested in taking it, I'd love to have you come back and share your findings, especially if you find your results surprising, too.