July 28, 2004

Nuttier than a vegan fruitcake

The video that can be found in the first post on this page is a prime, golden, and in-living-color example of why the rest of the country thinks that California is filled with complete nutcases.   (My favorite part is how they keep rolling right over the ball!)

That being said -- which, in case you haven't noticed, has become the single most overused phrase in reality television -- however, I came away from viewing it with an intense desire to give one of those babies a whirl. 

Contrary to what you might think, Silicon Valley is not actually teeming with people scooting about on Segways.  Seeing one tooling along in the bike lane is still unusual enough to almost cause car accidents.  That might not be the case if every other BMW, Mercedes, Hummer (those are a lot more common here than Segways -- I see one every day now) and Lexus driver on the road wasn't too cheap or too lazy to use the hands-free earpiece for their teensy-tiny little phones that they insist on having pressed up against their heads every moment they're in the car...and at the gas pumps...and in the grocery store...and in line for you-name-it...but I digress.

One thing we do have here, apparently, is a plethora of smart dogs.  (A link that I hope that will give the not-cat-fans some satsifaction and get them off my case for a short while!  Registration may be required, or a visit to BugMeNot.)