January 31, 2005

Amazing Race teaser

I had no intention of doing another post today, but as I was going through my e-mail before bed I found something that made me laugh so hard, I simply had no choice.

Each week I get The Amazing Race Bulletin the day before each episode airs. I'm not sure why because it really doesn't have all that much in it, and until now I haven't seen a single thing in it that I felt deserved to be shared. I don't watch the video previews because I don't like knowing too much, or falling too hard for CBS's red herrings, and the photo caption thing is only so-so. (If you're interested, however, you can sign up on the main Amazing Race page.)

But tonight, their missive coughed up a good one. A little nugget that just made all my counting feel so worthwhile. Because, honestly, I don't know how many of you actually find the Baby Count as amusing as I do, so I do it mainly to humor myself and the people in my TV-viewing household who find this tendency in the show as laughable as I do. And that's good enough for me, baby.

But I do believe that tomorrow's show could, in fact, be the defining episode for my beloved Count. The newsletter teases that "Frequent use of the word 'honey' quickly irritates one Racer."

I don't know how they can say "quickly" -- hell, many of us have been irritated by it for weeks! So, what do you say? My money is on Kendra being the offender and Freddy threatening to "snap her in two" if she doesn't knock it off.