January 09, 2005

Please take a moment to do a good thing

Many of us have done what we can to help send aid to the victims of the tsunami in Asia. Here's a chance to do a little more that won't cost you a thing and you'll get a special bonus.

During today, January 9th, please go to this post at Michele's blog, and leave a comment for her that includes something to the effect of "Hi, Maura sent me." (You're free to say anything else that tickles your fancy, but make sure you include that at the very least.)

That's it.

For every comment left there today, a long-time fan and friend of Michele's, the man behind Sigmund Carl and Alfred, will donate one dollar to Oxfam International. In addition, if you let her know I sent you, I will add a dollar for your comment to the fund. It doesn't get much simpler or better than that.

The special bonus for you is that you get to visit Michele and check out her fun and thought-provoking site. Okay, I wish it could be one of those nifty bracelets like XM radio is giving away when you make a $50 donation to the Red Cross, but I just don't have the talent for that.

Now git!