January 03, 2005

Shiny and new

Thus far the new year has been treating me pretty well. But I have not yet had occasion to actually write "2005" and that always trips me up. (However, I did just discover that I inadvertently put the date for my New Year's Eve post as "December 31, 2005." Not that anyone noticed, but I blame it on the champagne. )

In the spirit of new, please help me welcome April back to the blog world with the launch of her new site, Feeding the Addiction. It's a poker blog, where we get to follow along as she explores the world of online poker and actual poker tournaments and techniques. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't bet against her.

Another new site I think you might enjoy visiting next time you're doing some online shopping is Yin Yang Home. It's run by two of my dearest friends and they've been adding some pretty cool stuff you don't find everywhere. For instance, I've got my eye on this baby, because we know how much I love my popcorn and anything I can do to keep it from scorching has got to be good! If you feel bad for missing both my birthday and Christmas, one of these would go a long way toward mending those fences.

One last new thing? My newest online game addiction is Jewel Quest. I just can't stop playing the damned thing, and you know it's love because I don't even win any points for playing it. I have a feeling there's a more complete version of it out there because this one keeps cycling through the same four puzzle layouts and I remember at one time there being more. This could mean I will actually have to put out some money for this dumb thing. Nah, there are dozens of other games available to me and something else will catch my fancy...eventually.