January 04, 2005

How to leave Hungary not the least bit hungry

There is little left to say about how odious Jonathan is, even though he just becomes more and more intolerable as the Amazing Race 6 goes on. He reached a new and screech-inducing low tonight when Victoria failed to steal a cab out from under another team by proclaiming, "That's why women don't rule the world." I, for one, will celebrate long and hard when he is beat again by another team in a footrace -- this time at the Finish Line -- and he has to settle for second place. However, since tonight he told Victoria tonight that she was "dumb," I have to wonder what putdown he'll fling at her then while she's shrieking and sobbing.

Enough about that jerk, tonight's episode had a lot more going for it than him. Or should I say "coming up" for it, as this was the most upchuck-filled one yet. Yikes! I'm really glad I was done with dinner by the time it came on, and I have cancelled my reservations next week at a Hungarian restaurant.

And then there was Adam. He may have gotten rebuffed by Rebecca in the romance department, but he had some of the best moments this episode. My brother and I about fell out of our chairs during the water polo Roadblock when Rebecca told him to distract the goalie and he rose to the challenge by saying "Hi..." The way he cooed it, the poor guy probably thought he was about to proposition him and he let Rebecca's weak shot float on by into the goal. Then again, he let everybody's shot go by, didn't he?

Anyway, Adam climbed out of the pool feeling like a champ and proceeded to go watch his former girlfriend blow (no pun intended) past the competition in the eating challenge of the Detour. Being a stud-ette, Rebecca waited until she got outside to toss her cookies, whereas the others grossed out the musicians brought in to the restaurant to play loud Hungarian music that irritated many of the racers. At one point, while maybe three people were heaving at once, the musicians all stopped in amazement and revulsion. Adam piped up, with exquisite timing, "I think we need more music," and the band started up the ruckus once more.

Sadly, Gus and Hera weren't there to witness this because they chose the "wrong" option in the Roadblock and fell far behind the pack. By the time they got to the restaurant, other teams were arriving at the Pit Stop, and Team Slow and Steady was eventually eliminated. Which was a shame, because Gus was just as impressive at the eating challenge as Rebecca, and all he had to show for it was probably indigestion.

Lori and Bolo missed the whole retch-ed restaurant debacle because they pulled off an amazing comeback from last place, took advantage of a really gross Fast Forward, and sprinted into first place.

Now, for the reason I know you're really all here, The Official One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count™ for this week. With so much excitement and goings-on, it was baby-this and honey-that; there were so many endearments flying around I had to keep hitting the replay button on TiVo to make sure I got them all.

One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count: Episode 7 = 42