January 11, 2005

Of Corsica I know where Napoleon's house is, you American fool

Oh, Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam. What are we going to do with you, you sweet, clueless, whiny pussy boy? If you cry out "Tell my mom I love her!" one more time while doing a challenge, I don't care how cut Rebecca's abs are, I'll knock her down and slap you silly myself. I'm glad that you and she managed to leap into first place after you nearly chickened out of the Fast Forward (or, as Rebecca put it, the "Slow Forward" you turned it into), because the trip you won will provide her with more opportunity to demonstrate that she's got a bigger d...I mean, um, that she's far more capable than you.

Meanwhile, Jonathan's self-delusion continues to grow by leaps and bounds as the race goes on and simply everything becomes Victoria's fault while he amazes himself with his cleverness. (Because, you know, most really clever people don't know what a moat is.) It was apparently her fault that they didn't get to the Fast Forward first, though I'm not sure how, which qualified her as useless. And when he refused to do the harder of the two options at the Detour because he might not be good at it, she became a moron. Amazing how that works, huh?

But I think I have to give this episode to Kendra. First she managed to stymie Freddy by sneaking in some "research" in the middle of the night by chatting with the cabbie on the way to the first clue. Next she was able to make the hulking Bolo look pretty bad by flying up the rock wall of the Detour in comparison to his awkward crawl. Then she really stepped up to the barrel at the Roadblock. Part of me thinks she didn't dare ask Freddy to do it after the soup incident last week, the other part of me thinks she's too self-absorbed to have even realized what she did ("Oh look, vomit!") and never considered it here. But, as a member of my household commented, Kendra stomping those grapes with such vigor made for some good TV!

The Official One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count™ was going fairly slowly this episode up until the Detour, then things really took off as all the teams (except, you know, Jonathan and Victoria) enthusiastically encouraged each other to complete their tasks, and the "babies" and "honeys" were flying fast and furious.

One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count: Episode 8 = 46

P.S. Personal note to Hayden: Girl, learn to read a freaking map. You're an embarrassment to women everywhere.