January 27, 2004

Bikers with a heart

Now there's something else entirely to worry about when a child starts squawk on an airplane. Maybe the lady with the stun gun...nevermind.

Frankly, if I saw these guys getting on the plane with me, I would have paid attention and noticed their jackets. But then, I don't travel with two toddlers and I imagine that pretty much takes up your full attention. Five hours is a long time to sit waiting for a flight, so it's no wonder that things got tense and it could have gotten worse. The part about the story that bothers me the most (apart from the child getting disciplined more than she probably should have in the first place) is the two people who weren't involved and weren't a part of the group, but were merely wearing Harley Davidson shirts, getting taken off the flight, as well. From my point of view, they are the ones with a civil lawsuit just waiting to be served.