January 30, 2004

A phallic gumdrop to start your day?

This article describes very well a new kid's show imported from Britain that I first heard about last night on The Daily Show -- my favorite source for all the news that's fit to be made fun of. I don't think I'll be looking for it on my TV, and I'll probably dissolve into hysterical laughter the first time I hear a kid chanting "BOOH-bah!"

The only thing about this that I find troubling is that, as the article points out, "...the problems that arise in Storyworld can all be resolved by the children's offscreen utterance of the word 'Boohbah!'" Kids already know they can hound their parents into just about anything...now they're going to have a magic word whereby they expect that things will happen the way they want?!? Here's hoping that this doesn't become a Teletubbies-style hit.