January 28, 2004

What day are you?

I had occasion today to try to remember the poem that starts, "Monday's child is fair of face." I didn't get beyond Tuesday! And I also couldn't remember on which day of the week I was born. So with a little checking, here is a site where you can learn which day of the week is yours, and here's the poem:

Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is full of woe.
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and forgiving.
Saturday's child works hard for a living.
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

Turns out I'm a Friday. It's not really for me to decide if my line of the poem suits me! :) How about yours?