January 22, 2004

Restaurant review - Premier Pizza

Yesterday I meandered over to Rivermark -- which I think of as Santana Row Jr., restaurant-wise -- intending to have lunch at either Yan Can or Red Robin, whichever had fewer people. But as I was walking toward them, I noticed the sign for Premier Pizza and remembered that I'd read a good review of it in the Merc. I don't like to go places right after they've been reviewed because I figure they're going to be just that much busier. The thing is, by the time I get there, I can never remember what items on the menu were recommended!

Pizza sounded good though, and since it was after 1:00 the place was quiet and almost empty. The only complaint I have about the place is that the menu is so spread out and up high at an odd angle that it gave me a headache trying to read it. I settled on the lunch special (one slice, small salad and soda) for $6.50. I got there at an odd time and new pizzas were still in the oven, so there wasn't much available in terms of pizza selection, but I got a fresh-enough-looking slice of cheese. They have a decent salad bar and the small is more than big enough. The pizza had a little more cheese than I normally like but, lacking any other toppings, I was glad for it. It has a nice firm crust but not as brittle as wood-fired, which is my favorite kind. It was good but not great -- I'd eat there again but might not drive to the plaza just for that. I'll go again sometime and see if having a pizza with toppings and just out of the oven makes a difference.

Bonus: This place gets an A++ for an outstanding and ultra-clean restroom. There's only one and it's unisex, so who knows how long it will stay that way, but it's nicely decorated and extremely comfortable. The two pluses are for 1) a cabinet to put a purse or bag on instead of a hook (or nowhere like many places) and 2) a garbage can with a foot pedal. Being germ-adverse, that was really nice. :)