June 01, 2004

Torporific Tuesday

Y'know those days where you just don't feel passionate enough about anything to actually blog about it? I've been having one of those days. Yesterday, same thing, but I let myself off the hook because it was technically still "the weekend." Today, however, I have no excuse apart from not finding anything that really grabbed me. (I do believe that TiVo has to share some of the blame, though, because it's enabling me to watch TV during the time I'd usually be surfing and posting.)

So anyway, here are the top three things I read today that, while interesting to me, were clearly not interesting enough to merit posts devoted just to them:

1. I found this article at the Merc first, but because of their whole "registration required" thing I decided to see if I could find it elsewhere. Kudos to The Seattle Times! Read about "the gospel of blogging," for which they apparently needed to go to Japan to get the real news. This is just the latest article/news report I've spotted that's trying to clue the masses in to exactly what the hell blogs are. If people depend on this article to get clued in, however, they'll never get hooked because it's dead boring.

2. Celebrity gossip moment, but a happy one: Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins. I've always liked her and enjoyed her movies, and I always thought that one line she has in "Notting Hill" (about how, as a celebrity, the media treated gossip about her lovelife as mere fodder and having her heart broken was used as entertainment) was not just words in a script for her. Plus, as we're the same age I can appreciate her desire to start a family sooner rather than later. I do feel bad that she was more or less forced into announcing her pregnancy, a few weeks before most expectant mothers would prefer to do so, merely because of rampant speculation based on paparazzi pictures. But so long as all goes well, I doubt she'll care in the end. So cheers to Julia and her expanding family!

3. And finally, this article (which is from the Merc, so you may need to register) that demonstrates how behind the curve traditional media are these days. In other words, this is old news as far as I'm concerned! I mean, hell, if I blogged about it almost two weeks before the main newspaper in my area manages to mention it, it's ancient history. (In case you don't feel like reading all about it, or registering to do so, it's about the same site I posted about on 5/20/04 where people plead for Gmail accounts.)

So, with that, I'll close this out and hope that I'm feeling more inspired tomorrow.