December 15, 2004

Amazingly sick, honey

I stayed home sick today. It was one of those times where, the second you wake up, you know there's no way you can go to work. Most of the time it's not like that for me. Usually I feel icky, but know that if I just get up and do the shower thing, etc., I'll feel better and can push through it.

But not today. Today was a "stay in bed and drink as much tea as you humanly can" kind of day right from the start. And I must say that if you don't have a spouse, lover, partner or otherwise day-to-day companion, I would highly recommend having my family around to take care of you. They rock. They indulged my illness-induced requests ("You think shrimp chow mein would be the perfect thing for lunch? I'll be over at 12:30, carton in hand.") and schedule ("Sure, I'll wait to have my own dinner until past 8:00 since you were sound asleep until after 7:30, then go get whatever you want.") with good humor and compassion, and don't seem to mind that I look like something the cat dragged in and then smacked around for good measure. Gotta love people who love you like that.

So, on to more interesting things for you, I imagine. Last night's episode of The Amazing Race had me sitting there wondering who on the AR6 staff had lost Jonathan's psych profile (and should be fired), because there's no way he should have made it onto this show. He has rage issues that are off the charts. Had I felt better, I probably would have been a lot more vocal in my reaction at the time, but it sure was hard to feel good about watching the end of the show. Oh, and speaking about rage, anyone else want to bitch-slap Kendra at least once? Just goes to further prove that "beautiful people" are not always so beautiful on the inside.

If you either don't watch the show and want to know more, or you follow it and want one of the best recaps ever, please visit this post at TVgasm. You can view the portion of the show (Quicktime required) where Jonathan shows his true colors -- and it's not the true blue of the stupid puff of hair above his collar -- and find it "amazing" too, just not for good reasons this time around.

I took some time to click on the Video link on the AR6 site and watch the Insider videos, among them "Phil's Diary," and I have to say that I am now even more disappointed in his reaction to the whole Jonathan and Victoria situation than I was during the show. He mentions how he felt he "had to say something" to Jonathan, but what he said was incredibly wimpy. He then goes on to say that the scathing comments Jonathan has for Victoria after humiliating her show how "focused on going all the way to the end and winning this race" he is. What an utter cop-out. I'm with B-Side -- Jeff Probst would not have left unsaid all the things Phil said only by the expression on his face.

In the end, my favorites, Don and Mary Jean, were sadly eliminated. They had their chances because there were a couple of time equalizers, as usual, but they just couldn't keep up. I hope to someday bump into them around here because I think Don is a sweetheart who loves his wife dearly, and you don't see enough of that anymore, it seems.

Last, but certainly not least, it's time for the Official One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count™, this week with "Honey" flavoring. Surprisingly, it wasn't a very good week for "Baby," with "Honey" making such a strong showing (thanks, Hayden) that has to be included.

One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count: Episode 5, "Honey"-flavored = 10