December 31, 2004

Kickin' 2004 out the door

You know, I had a nice New Year's Eve post all planned. I was going to reflect a bit on the year, thank all the people whom I now have the honor of considering to be friends made by means of our blogs, and how my life has been changed to some degree through this site and those people. To the list of titles we have and give ourselves -- woman, daughter, sister, friend, American, paralegal, petsitter, volunteer -- I have gotten to add "blogger" and have it mean something fundamental to me.

But all that went to hell in a handbasket after a couple bottles of champagne and celebrating to ring in the New Year. Instead of sitting here and pulling all my thoughts together in a nice, cohesive way, I spent the time swigging the bubbly and playing Trivial Pursuit, 90s edition, blowing on horns and popping crackers, watching the really dumb NYE shows, and wrapping it up with a malpractice-inducing round of inebriated Operation. Poor Shrek will never be the same.

So all that's really left to say is thank you to each of you who have helped bring a little life to One Ping Only...even when I had to harass some of you into remembering to read it. Oh, and Happy New Year to you all!