December 10, 2004

Thanks for the memories

This has been a truly amazing week for me, blogwise. While the ol' Site Meter has begun the long but steady descent back into chirping crickets land, the number of people who have at least poked their heads on in as a result of the Weblog Awards (just for you Norman -- no link) has been a total trip. Some have even come back and that's the coolest part.

But it's pretty much all over but the shouting and the final tally, and as I don't normally post on the weekend, I wanted to take a minute to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who voted for me at any point during the process. Even my mom, who I don't think really sees exactly what the hullaballoo is all about, made sure she signed on once a day to go help keep OPO from becoming a tragic statistic at the bottom of its pile. I've garnered more than a whole percent and that's enough to put a glow on these otherwise pale cheeks!

Now, because just about every other blogger who isn't leading in an Awards category has mentioned it today, I'll do what I don't normally do and join the crowd.

I direct your attention toward what I think of as a reactionary but well-intended new alternative blog award that's just underway; an award competition for the little guy, the BOB. As one blogger put it, "It's an award for those of us that can't actually make a living at this." There's a bunch of unique categories and it's a good place to find some new blogs that aren't about politics! My favorite part? There are door prizes up for grabs for those who go nominate someone -- and we know how much I like free stuff.

So if you couldn't find just the right category for your favorite little corner blog over at the Weblog Awards, check it out and send them a little love today.

Now I've got two more days to figure out what to put up in the VIP section next...