December 28, 2004

You're kidding me, right?

A clip show?!? First we get a "to be continued" episode of the Amazing Race last week, and now we get a freaking clip show!?!? Does anyone else think that maybe CBS is getting a little cocky and letting the show's success go right to their pointy little heads?

Don't give me "a special episode" of mostly retreads just because it's a holiday week and you're afraid people won't be watching -- I'm not the one who decided to delay starting the showing of this race and arranging it so that its midpoint falls during a dead period for TV! Oh, wait, let me guess, this will mean that the critical final legs of the race can be shown during the all-important sweeps period in February, right? That's right, it's ad revenue that counts, not your audience.

Okay, so in the midst of all my grumbling, I still managed to prepare The Official One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count™ because they did show footage that hadn't been aired before, and they did manage to rack up a fairly impressive baby/honey count in the doing. But I'm still pretty bitter about it.

One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count: "A Special Episode" = 28

Other highlights: I enjoyed seeing more of the trials the participants faced with those ridiculously small cars in Hungary, especially Gus wedging himself into theirs while saying, "This ain't a lotta car;" Jonathan proving himself to be an even bigger ass with every word that he speaks (did you realize that they were in "Senegog"?); and deciding that Kris & Jon are the nicest couple ever and deserve to win this thing like no one else.

Lastly, we were treated to ads for two of CBS' upcoming reality shows for the new year. "Wickedly Perfect" looks like it has some potential, but it will really depend on whether the people they cast for it can make competing to be the next non-incarcerated Martha Stewart interesting. On the other hand, "The Will" looks like the absolute tackiest thing I've ever seen proposed for TV. I think it may even have FOX's upcoming "Who's Your Daddy?" beat in that category, though the only hue and cry I've heard has been about the adoption show. I do not plan to watch either of them to see if my predictions bear out.