December 29, 2004

Would you like a little wind to go with that?

Because I am not ensconced at home, cozily listening to the wind whip through the back patio covering and scaring the bejeebers out of me because I am sure that each 40mph gust is going to rip it right off, but am instead in the wilds of Los Gatos where high-speed Internet access is not at my disposal, this will be brief.

Earlier tonight, before the rain started up again, I went to see a movie. After being hounded browbeaten encouraged for weeks by my dear friend, Howard, to go see "Blade: Trinity" I finally had my chance. And I have to concur with his enthusiastic endorsement of it -- it was much better than the last one, it was funny and entertaining, and was a heck of a good movie. Need more? Ladies, here's your reason to go. Gentlemen, here is your reason. Trust me, they're both worth the price of admission. That lucky, lucky Alanis Morrissette...

Oh, and did I mention that it's still raining? And will be for about the next week? *sigh*