December 02, 2004

Baby, baby (No, not the Amy Grant song.)

Between network problems at home and a suddenly quite busy social schedule, this is the first chance I've had to post since Tuesday night. I plan to write about a fantastic night I had in SF last night, but as I have another fabulous night in SF tonight, I don't know when that is going to happen.

But The Amazing Race 6 rocks on, and I would feel remiss if I didn't take the opportunity (on the company dime, for shame) to share this week's Official One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count™ with you, belated as it is. I find I am getting so used to hearing "baby" all the time, that I have now incorporated it into my personal dialogue. Mailman? "Good job, baby!" Bagger at the grocery store? "You can do it, baby!" My co-workers? "Baby, please!!!" I think I even called my mother "baby" the other day.

One Ping Only AR6 "Baby" Count: Episode 3 = 25

With the Detour and Roadblock being real bitches for some of the teams, there was a lot of babying going on, up from last week. (Although Hayden says "honey" so often, I just may have to start adding that in to the count. Thoughts?)

How many of you would have chosen that insane counting challenge instead of the build it one? I thought poor Don was going to have a coronary adding up those little stuffed animals, but I loved how he tried to get the IKEA employee to take pity on him on account of his age! And I feel bad that the sisters tried so hard on the "Hay Fever" challenge and came away with naught but empty, bleeding hands to show for it. Sadly, now we'll never know if Lena would have had the chance to show off any of her striptease aerobics abilities later in the race.

P.S. You'll see that there is a logo over there to the right for the 2004 Weblog Awards, along with a link. Even if you choose to (break my heart and) not go vote for OPO to make it to the finals in the Best Culture Blog category, I highly encourage you to go check out the nominees in any of the categories. Last year I found some great blogs through these Awards, through some of which I found some of you!