August 18, 2005

And the big news is...

I'm a mom!

Okay, no, not the way you first imagined when you read that. I think even I, who's not that into sharing personal information, just might have mentioned it if I were going to have a baby.

My new little one is an as-yet-unnamed kitty cat all my own! After spending the last two hours trying to wear him out a bit so that we'll both get a good night's sleep and in order to get a decent picture of him not in motion, I finally prevailed.

Please say hello to [Insert name here]

If you've been reading here at all for a while, you know that my family's cat is Peri, who I adore but who doesn't live with me. I decided it was time to have a furball here at my place, too, and just recently started looking.

You'll note that both Peri and The Nameless One are grey cats; I definitely have an affinity with them more than other kinds of cats for some reason. Nameless, however, is completely grey; there's not a spot of white on him anywhere and the darkish bands you can see on his legs in the picture aren't really visible in regular (non-flash) light.

He is a bundle of curious energy, but he's a lot more social and willing to approach people than Peri has ever been. That didn't stop him from wigging out a little when he first got here and he demonstrated that he sure can hide something good! But once he calmed down and settled in a bit, it became clear that he's a little lovebug and it has taken me even longer than normal to write this because he keeps coming over for a bit of snuggling and petting. And who can resist that?

Right now I imagine Norman running for his wet bar for a very strong martini, fearing that this will be the start of non-stop catblogging from me. I don't think that's going to be case, but he'll certainly be making the occassional appearance here, especially to celebrate once we've settled on a name. (Which I think will be soon.) As he has now fallen asleep under the air hockey table -- for kitty exercise those laser pointers are the best! -- we'll close the book on him for tonight.

In other news, The Sling is (mostly) off. Yay! I got the all-clear from the doctor to taper off its use, as the fracture is healing quite nicely and should be pretty much be all knitted together in another three weeks. Physical therapy to work on flexibility and strength will last about that long, too. It was very nice to sleep normally last night, even though the shoulder gets a bit achy from time to time. Let's hope that pretty much closes the book on "Mo Takes a Fall," too.