August 04, 2005

Random act of (self-motivated) kindness

Do something nice today for your favorite temporary cripple, won't you? Pretty please?

Consider taking one minute and going here. Just select the button under the picture labelled Kaysar and click on "Submit My Vote."

That's it! No filling out forms, no supplying any personal information, no resulting spam.

Even if you aren't a Big Brother fan...or you aren't much of a reality show fan...or you actually really hate the whole genre...but you don't hate me...please go, right now! You can do a nice, simple thing and I'd consider it a personal favor.

I'd be so grateful, in fact, that there might be something in it for you.

That's right, if you go before next Wednesday at noon (Pacific time) and vote to send Kaysar back into the Big Brother 6 house, then come back here and tell me you did it, you could get one of two prizes of free iTunes downloads.

I've got two codes, one for three downloads, another for one download. Just leave a comment to tell me you voted and say "Enter me!" After the results of the vote are announced on Thursday, I will do a drawing from all the names of people who voted (honor system here, folks) and are interested. The first name drawn will get the three songs, the second name drawn will get one.

Plus, find one other computer to vote from, come back and leave another comment and you'll get a second entry. Send a friend who has never commented here before (who tells me you sent them and has a valid e-mail address) to say they voted and you'll get a third and final entry. It has to be done in that order and only one prize per person.

I know some of you are iPod freaks and you could make good use of a few free downloads. So you help get my favorite houseguest back into the BB6 house and I could put some tunes in your head. What a deal.