August 02, 2005

A Very Special Referral

Most of you know I'm a big fan of TVgasm and have been for a long time. I've been honored to be on their list of links for quite a while and if I weren't such a procrastinator I would try to get a gig writing for them. There's only so much TV they can cover on their own, after all, and they have been adding contributors recently. I would have loved tackling this last season of the recently completed "Average Joe." Maybe one day I'll get my act together enough to...nah, who am I kidding?

Anyway, Copygodd, a great friend of The Ping, is not a procrastinator and, though I don't quite know how he finds the time to be as prolific as he is (check out his list of "Offsite Labs" -- he writes for all of them!), he is also now writing a weekly recap for TVgasm. Please go check out his latest offering, as I feel a bit of pride for having "led" him to the site and thereby contributed slightly to his new, higher profile. (That site gets hits like you wouldn't believe.)

And if anyone can come back and explain to me what the hell he's talking about, I'd appreciate it.