August 12, 2005

I was a happy, happy girl today

We did it!

Kaysar is back in the Big Brother 6 house after a landslide vote made him "America's Choice."

Thank you thank you thank you to those of you who were kind enough to vote for him on my behalf, especially those of you who have no interest in the game and just did it for me.

We were part of over 82% out of over 5 million votes that put him back in there to make the game interesting again.

I had planned to say a bit more about it, but there's been a little twist to my own reality show, the one called "Mo Takes a Fall."

After 2+ weeks of being the supporting actor who's doing all of the work and getting none of the attention, my right hand has declared "No más." This afternoon my wrist finally gave out and is very painful.

Ice, Tylenol, topical lidocaine, Vicodin; it's so inflamed that nothing is touching it just yet. I took two Vicodin and about 15 minutes ago it "hit" everywhere else, and my head is swimming a bit, but the wrist? No different. So now I get to sleep not only with my left arm in The Sling, but my right arm in my brace. Lucky me.

As I need to give it a rest for a while (most especially from the keyboard) if you want to go read something new from me, please go visit my third guest-blogging effort sometime this weekend. I've contributed a short diatribe about Donald Trump to Fat Dude's Summer of Secrets "The 26 Most Annoying People of Planet Earth" over at Fat Eye for the Skinny Guy.

Have a lovely, and pain-free, weekend.