August 22, 2005


This may very well have been the highlight of my weekend:

Catnapping with Phineas Fog

Friday we settled on a name and we spent the rest of the weekend trying to get Finn used to his new moniker. I believe that at the moment he thinks "Finn" actually means "treat," but I think it will eventually sink in. He is a complete whore for the treats that came in the little package of goodies provided by the woman who had been his foster mom and it's the only thing I've found that will lure him out of his favorite hiding place -- inside the family room couch. He's so small that he's found a way to actually climb in the back of the thing, and it's nearly impossible to get him out otherwise.

Saturday I was laying on the living room couch and playing with him while he was on the floor. After a long while I turned on my back because my arm was getting tired and, after contemplating it for a moment, to my surprise he leapt up and snuggled in between my feet. We both settled in for a nice afternoon catnap, and it was just such a thrill for me because he didn't need to be enticed into coming up or staying where we were both so comfy. We've bonded pretty quickly and he has this way of looking up at me and holding my gaze when he's curled next to me, kneading my arm or leg like crazy, that just melts me. Yup, it's love.

To any literature purists who are thinking about kvetching over the name, he's not actually named after the character whose name you think I'm mangling. We'd already chosen Phineas and I added Fog (with one "g") because of his color and his ability to come and go like a mist. If anything, he's more like Huck Finn because he's such a rascal.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the last post with such nice things to say and some name suggestions. A couple of them were actually under consideration, but none of them, or any of the ones I'd originally come up with before he arrived, really fit his personality. Phineas just clicked for us more than the rest, and Finn it is.

Coming in second on the weekend highlight meter was going to see "March of the Penguins." What a good movie. Although if the semi-wasted chick one seat over from me said/moaned, "Ohhhh, they're sooo cuuuuute," one more time, I was going to have to learn over and smack her...hard. Yes, they're penguins, they're waddling around, they're cute; they're always cute and we all know it. Shut the hell up and let Morgan Freeman tell the story, dimwit. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, pick a hot day and go into the nice, air-conditioned theater and watch a very well-done movie wrapped in ice. And cute penguins.