August 31, 2005

Somewhat soggy spirits

With all the terribly tragic news and images emerging yesterday and today in the wake of Katrina, I haven't felt much like whipping up any helpings of useless drivel, which is all I could come up with when contemplating it. I do have a funny story to relate, but now doesn't seem like the time.

I also don't feel like it's necessary to comment more on the situation other than encourage you to give either money or blood, or both, to disaster relief efforts if you can. I think those of us whose employers will match such monetary donations especially have an obligation to take advantage of it and enable that little bit more to go where it's needed.

Given all that, I decided there would be nothing better to lift my spirits than some gratuitous catblogging. Hopefully some of you will feel likewise. So here's a new shot of Finn, who I swear gets bigger daily.