February 18, 2005

Consider Me Gone

So, another week has come and gone, and what have we learned?

Well, I have learned that either:
a) No one enjoys the same music that I do;
b) No one thinks what I've been doing here this week is all that amusing; or
c) No one pays all that much attention when they're here each day.

Another option, I suppose, would be d) All of the above.

It's kind of no fun when you're playing a game and no one else is playing along. But if I told you what the game is, there would be no game. I hope that's cryptic enough to make you take another look and see what you've missed.

But many of you were paying attention yesterday and today and turned out in force over at Norman's for the Cutest Kitten contest. You did a fabulous job and I'm hoping that there will be good news to share tomorrow.

Many thanks to everyone who voted, especially one super-special person whose inimitable style, cleverness, and persistence are greatly appreciated. She knows who she is and she has both my admiration and gratitude. I suppose that wouldn't buy her so much as a cup of coffee most places, but if I ever get the chance, the honor would be mine to buy her a cup...or three.