February 03, 2005

Hello...is this thing on?

Where has everyone gone? Sixty-seven people stopped by today and no one but cbeck had anything to say? Wow. Hope you're all off doing something interesting. (And thanks, cbeck.)

Tonight I went out for dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, Pasta Pomodoro. Have you ever gone to a restaurant that you've been to a hundred times before and, all of a sudden, they change the menu? That's what I encountered tonight. Usually I walk in there already knowing what I'm going to have because I know...I mean, knew...the menu like the back of my hand. (I should mention that I eat out quite frequently, and this place is a real standby.)

The menu available at the link is the old one. Now it's really, really different. I was thrown for such a loop that it took me a very long time to decide what to have. In the end I decided to try two things from their new "small plates" selections to make a meal.

I happen to love Brussel sprouts, and they have a neat new dish where they're seared and it's absolutely delicious. (Has anyone else noticed that Brussel sprouts are showing up a lot more on menus lately?) It was a nice surprise; if they added a little bacon to it, it would be just about perfect. I combined that with some simple spinach and ricotta ravioli in pomodoro sauce (ravioli di magro). Perhaps an unusual pairing, but it really worked together and I was very well-sated in the end.

The waitress was really cool about my floundering around the new menu and before we left she made a point of giving me one of the to-go menus to take with me so I'd be prepared next time. (Look, Kendra! I'm doing research!!) Good way to get a nice tip.

Anyway, we topped the evening off by renting Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. What a funny freaking movie! I'd heard that it was, of course, and meant to go see it while it was in theaters but just never got there. I'm kind of glad I didn't, though, because I think I would have embarassed myself if I'd watched it in public.

The movie gave me a real craving. For, um...burgers, naturally. Good thing I was already full from dinner. Though I probably could have gone for a Krispy Kreme run. Can't wait 'til the new one opens here next month or so, as it will be a lot more accessible for late-night munchies. Ahhh, bliss in a box.