February 24, 2005

Thoughtful Thursday

How do you keep making yourself go into a building you've come to hate, when you'd rather sit in your car and cry instead?

How do you not feel a little miffed when a post in which you write absolutely nothing gets more comments than those you literally spent hours writing?

How do you adequately apologize to a friend for saying something you didn't realize would be taken as hurtful because it wasn't meant as such, but you don't find out about it until two days later?

How do you not scream when, for the 487th time, someone asks, "Just one?" when you go into a restaurant alone?

How do you "keep looking" with any sense of purpose, even with the encouragement of well-intentioned people, when apparently he doesn't want to be found...at least not by you?

How do you not want to verbally take someone's head off when they know you're an intelligent person yet out of left field they patronize you in an unexpected way?

How do you complain about having a pretty down and crappy day in your head without sounding completely pathetic?

How do you not feel bad for whining about things when your problems are so tiny compared to so many, many other peoples' problems?