February 28, 2005

Do you know this man? Well, don't take any wooden nickels from him.

Damn, I'd say it's time for something light, fluffy and frothy around here, wouldn't you?

What we have here is the new "head" of the U.S. five-cent coin, beginning with nickels issued into circulation today. The article I initially cribbed the pictures from (I'd link it, but it's AOL so about 95% of you couldn't access it) called it an "Extreme Makeover" for our Mr. Jefferson. How wonderfully au courant of them, no? You might think they could have botoxed the crows feet a little for him if they were going to go that far.

It's nice to know that he did, in fact, have a right side to his face and that, since we can no longer see it, we don't have to wonder what color the ribbon on his little ponytail was. For an article on the changes and such, please go here.

The "tail" of the nickel is also changing, and this is the first new image:

Would someone please tell me whether this is a buffalo or a bison? The article says, "The backs of the coins depict the American bison, familiarly known as the buffalo." However, I was pretty sure that they were actually different animals, and that bison we still have but buffalo we don't because we were stupid way back when and hunted them out of existence right out from under the native Americans. So is it the bison of today or the buffalo of yesterday that is pictured?

Anyone else childishly amused that they didn't emasculate the poor thing and actually have a little doo-dad (don't know what you call them on buffalo/bison) where there's supposed to be a doo-dad? I would think it's the American Way to turn him into Buffalo Ken...accessories sold separately.

Hey, is this discussion making anyone else crave a bucket of Buffalo wings right about now? I'll bring the bleu cheese dressing.