February 22, 2005

Trivia Tuesday

Hmm, what to do on a night when there is still a week until Amazing Race 7 starts and there's nothing much on TV? That's right, go play some trivia!

Last week we discovered that there is a trivia contest at my favorite local restaurant each Tuesday, but we weren't able to stay and play at the time. We went back tonight to see how well we could fare at QuizBang, which I saw described as "a tournament of knowledge, music, skill and speed," and I'd say that is fairly accurate. I won't go into the details of how it all works, but there are a bunch of rounds and you play in teams to answer 40 questions.

I love trivia games and I'm generally pretty good at them; I'm the kind of person who really enjoys things like Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy. I didn't earn the moniker "Queen of Random Shit" for nothing, you know.

For something like this, when you play with someone else you usually have the advantage of combined knowledge. Well, I think you need a whole tableful of people to have a chance at covering the breadth of topics the questions touch on. Some of the questions were hard!

For instance, do you know what city the Jetsons live in? Or which terrorist claimed that the U.S. Army had implanted a chip in his butt in order to control his mind? Or who completed the first successful heart transplant? Or what instrument Django Reinhardt is famous for playing? Well, neither did we.

But if you did...what are you doing next Tuesday?