February 07, 2005

A Little Nap'll Do Ya

Before I get to the point of this particular post (should there actually be one), a little note for the oodles of peoples who have been coming here looking for information on the upcoming Dr. Phil special, "Romance Rescue," featuring this blog's favorite dysfunctional couple, the ELIMINATED Jonathan and Victoria from The Amazing Race 6: The show is on February 15th, on CBS, 9 p.m. ET/PT. Check your local listings. (I've always wanted to say that.) Go here for the CBS page with info and a video preview.

I really didn't know whether I was going to watch it or not -- I'm not the world's biggest Dr. Phil fan, though it's not like I can't stand him, I just don't watch much -- but now I feel a little compelled to do so, if only so I can take the hit for other AR6 fans who wouldn't touch it with a pole the size of Jonathan's ego and write about it here. I also am intrigued because I find it ironic that they're showing this the day after Valentine's Day -- build up all that romance one day, only to rip it down the next.

Anyway, that was my public service announcement for the day. Now all about me, me, me!

My weekend was a pastiche of football, food and naps, mixed in with a little shopping, a few errands and some quality Internet surfing time. The football wasn't just The Semi-Super Bowl, though. Saturday night we went to see the home opener for the San Jose SaberCats, our Arena Football team. Okay, well, some people may have been there to see the SaberKittens. I can't blame them, because those are some fine cheerleaders. (They've certainly got the now-defunct "Anorexic Girls" of the San Jose Stealth beat, both in talent and hotness, sorry girls.) Sadly, their page does not yet have kitten photos up yet -- a form of kitty blogging that I think even Norman could have *ahem* gotten behind -- but check back soon and see if you can tell the difference between Kristi, Kristen and Kristina!

Anyway, the SaberCats are the defending ArenaBowl Champions and they kicked the behinds of the visiting team from Las Vegas. The game was good, but I was tired after a point (the beer with dinner did me in), so I took a nap for a little while during the third quarter -- yes, it appears I really can sleep anywhere. But it got me refreshed for the free concert that followed from hometown band Smash Mouth. They were pretty good, and I think their upcoming new album will be successful based on the new songs we heard. I felt a little bad for them when they did "Walkin' on the Sun," because the bunch of kids they brought up on stage didn't know the words and the lead singer obviously expected that they would! But, I think they were a little too young -- most of them were just out of diapers when that song was a monster hit. And, I might add, a seminal song of the 90s, in my opinion.

You have no doubt read and heard all you need to know about the Super Bowl and the mostly lame ads, so I'll pretty much skip over that...other than to mention that I took a nice nap in the third quarter of that game, too. Oh, well, actually, it started during the halftime show, but I guess that's really no surprise. I roused myself in time for the food, of course. We had some lovely crudités, crackers and cheese, including some herb- and nut-crusted goat cheese balls I made (I love those things), and Burns-style chili, then topped it off with a delicious lemon Bundt cake. That probably doesn't sound like traditional football fare, but it worked for us.

Hmm, I think I need a snack now.