February 14, 2005

Shape Of My Heart

That seems like a good one to start with. We'll see how long it takes for someone to figure out what I'm talking about.

So, another solo Valentine's Day has been survived by yours truly. If you can't understand why I use the word "survived," I ask you to read this article. If you don't understand after reading it, this may not be the blog for you.

How have we come back around to the point where "A woman on her own...is simply unnerving," can you tell me? Divorce shouldn't be stigmatized, so I'm glad that is changing but, geez, don't cast me in the role of some sort of a new-age spinster and make assumptions about who I am because I don't "conform to the same shape" your life has taken. Please. (After all, I may be "weird" but I am also polite.)

In case you didn't know it, today was also International Quirkyalone Day. Never heard of Quirkyalone? For most of you, I'm not terribly surprised. Why would you? You're probably neither quirky nor alone. But if you are, here is my greeting to you today: