October 04, 2004

Catbloggus interuptus

Peri wasn't in an what you could call an amiable mood tonight. She threw a kitty fit and refused to post. Norman, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are not behind her little protest.

Hopefully she'll be more herself next week, because if she isn't I will either cut her off from her treats for a day, or sit on her and cut her nails (that sounds worse than it really is, honest), which she hates. The cutting the nails part, not the sitting on her part. Oh, nevermind, you'd have to see how that works to understand and trying to explain will only dig me deeper into this pointless hole!

In the meantime, I'd like to point you to an article that makes me quite happy. Not only do I like the implication of what it could mean for the shape of the upcoming election, but how often do you find yourself reading an article from a newspaper in Alaska? Unless, of course, you...um...live in Alaska. But since, as far as I know, none of you do, I'm still going with the "hey, isn't this neat" aspect because it's time for bed and I'm too tired to come up with something better.