October 06, 2004

Things I learned today

Tiger Woods is much smarter than I would have given him credit for being before reading about his wedding: "Woods' precautions appeared to include hiring the only helicopter charter company on the island, which said it was booked solid Tuesday — a move that prevented journalists and photographers from flying over the event."

Howard Stern is, shockingly, smarter than I will ever give him credit for being.

Never -- never, never, never, never -- ever click on "Print all linked documents" when printing stuff out from a Web site using IE 5.5 when you have no idea what that will cause to happen.

Now that I have a car with a sunroof, I am far more tempted to stick my hand out through it and flip the bird at people on the road who do stupid things. (I resisted the impulse.)

Lost is, without question, my favorite new show of the fall season.

Apparently, October is a month in which I am willing to buy the first Christmas present of the season.