October 13, 2004

Pingless Pro Tem

After what feels like about a year of working with no time off (but which, in reality, has only been three months), I will be hitting the road after work today and I won't be back until Monday. I've decided to leave the laptop behind and really take a break, for me and my overworked wrist.

Because it warms the cockles of my heart to imagine that someone would actually miss my posts while I'm gone, I present to you a Top Ten list so you can imagine it as though you were right there.

Top Ten Things I Will Be Doing On My Days Off

10. Not thinking about work -- at all.
9. Breathing in deeply of the fresh, pine-laden air of the Sierra Nevada.
8. Stopping at every other historical or point of interest marker on the drive.
7. Listening to copious amounts of surf music, my traveling companion's road music of choice.
6. Wondering from time to time what kinds of havoc the Incomparable Male Trio might be wreaking while I'm gone.
6a. Briefly debate at one point whether I should have asked one of them to guest blog for me, lest the blog world abandon me and this site in the space of six days.
6b. Fall down laughing maniacally over that thought and how that could potentially redefine the phrase "wreaking havoc," pick self up off of trail, and hike on while catching breath. (See #9)
5. Continue not thinking about work, periodically relishing the sense of freedom that accords me.
4. Hiking parts of Yosemite hitherto unexplored...by me.
3. Impetuously eating all sorts of delectable and carbolicious foods with microbrew chasers.
2. Taking many, many pictures of the aforementioned Sierra.
1. Chilling the fuck out, in all its myriad forms.

A far more relaxed me will be back next week.