October 12, 2004

Peri's Pet Parlor

Maura and I made a deal -- I'll do this today and she'll let me go another week before she clips my nails. Works for me. I only got ticked last week because she woke me up from a nap.

So this is Kitty-san, doing my favorite thing in the whole world, keeping watch out the window for the invaders. They are sure to come, so we've got to be ready. Aside from chasing bugs inside the house, it's my only job, so I like to give it my all.

Kitty-san has that "I've got you in my sights" look that I know so well. My guess is that it's a fluffy-tail and not a flappy thing, but since she lives really far away from here, it could be some sort of thing I've never seen.

Catch ya next week...unless I'm needed at the window.