October 01, 2004

A cactus by any other name

I will admit to the rather silly habit of naming my plants. Not all of them, mind you, just the ones that I really like. This one was given the terrifically original name of "Spike" when it first came along. Hey, it's not like I planned on telling anyone the name when I started calling it that!

Spike had an absolutely beautiful flower on it when I brought it to work (should have gotten a picture of that) and once that was gone it grew up, up, up, but never any wider. I figured that eventually it would begin to fill out a little, but no. A few months ago I started thinking of it as "Pike" instead, especially when I envisioned using it in a way befitting the name on the posterior of someone who ticked me off. Anyway...

Today I took a look at it and couldn't believe how tall the pike had gotten when I wasn't paying attention. So, out of curiosity, I grabbed the ruler. Then, because I was bored, I broke out the digicam. Okay, not really bored, more like I was afraid that there was something wrong with Spike and that it might go south and die, and maybe someone could tell me what it needs. My best guess is that it might need a bigger pot. I hope not, though, because transplanting a cactus is not my idea of a fun project. Those needles near the bottom are big, sharp, and they hurt.

But the photo session ended on a positive note. When I pulled the pot closer to see if it needed any water, I also turned it around to see if the pike was crooked. And I discovered that, hiding in the back, was a little nubbin of new growth sprouting from the base of the pike. Or, as I like to think of it, we've got a baby!

I think I would have preferred another flower, but at least it will be growing in a new direction.