October 05, 2004

Things on my mind today

Goodbye, Rodney. However, St. Peter probably won't give you no respect, either.

SMiLE is here at last. I almost bought it tonight, but decided to check out a few reviews first. The ones I've seen have been pretty damned positive.

Please, please don't make me watch anymore debates. Life is too short.

Speaking of the election, the endless polls surrounding it make me miss Calvin and Hobbes very, very much. Dad performance poll, anyone?

This article (Reg.), which I actually read in the actual newspaper...the one made out of paper, startled the crap out of me because I spent hours walking a small coyote-bait-sized dog in this very neighborhood over the last few years. Thank you to the Russells for no longer living there, though I do miss Roxie.

This is bad news. The flu season could really suck this year if it hits hard.

"Magma" is such a great word to say. But apparently the idea of it makes people goofy.