September 15, 2004


At first, I didn’t have much to say this evening. I had been sitting here for quite a while, waiting for inspiration to either smack me in the head or put me out of my misery, with nothing to show for it. Although I had caught up on the programs I had recorded on TiVo. Not that you needed or wanted to know that.

Anyway, just as I was ready to pack it in and either come here and sheepishly say, "I've got nothing, please come back tomorrow," or make like there had been Internet problems that prevented me from posting altogether -- not that I would do that – I had an actual thought. Thoughts have been in short supply for me today, so this was a moment to savor.

[Ed. - The true irony here is that not three minutes after writing that, I really did inexplicably lose my network connection, which is why this isn’t getting posted until 9:00am the next day. Oh, and I will never, ever, ever again use Word to write a post when that happens, with the intent of "just copying it over." I'm ready to throw the laptop through a window right now.]

I recalled that I had planned to share some of the sites I have found by repeatedly clicking on the "Next Blog" button up there on the Blogger NavBar. I had forgotten about it because, well…the why doesn’t really matter, I suppose. Suffice it to say that some stuff at work has had my mental panties in a twist lately and it’s taking up way too much right-brain space. That makes my left-brain sulky and unwilling to cooperate. Even bribing it with chocolate pudding didn’t work tonight.

So, with no further ado, following are my top five Next Blog finds (in no particular order):

Casual Observations - A new blog with some good writing. It has taken on a fairly political bent -- not that that's a bad thing -- but I like many of the observations, and they're done with humor.

Captain Mac's Random Thoughts - My kind of blog. It’s mostly short posts about neat, sometimes geeky stuff.

Chronicles - A blog written by a Florida resident, who had to deal with the hurricane-a-thon but is now getting on with the minutiae of life.

Serial Blogonomy - An interesting blog by a fellow Sagittarian who works as a dogwalker. As I have been a petsitter for many years, that got my attention. The site also caught my eye because of this post, which reminded me of this post I wrote back in June. It’s a topical and humorous blog.

Nithins Amazing Blog - A blog with a lot of photos, some of which are really cute. The series of pets and kids cracked me up.

There were a few others, but they haven’t been updated very often so I can’t really recommend them yet. Please feel free to share in the comments any new blogs you've found this way.