September 17, 2004

Licking the blues

Ah yes, the sun did come out today and I turned that frown upside down!

See, I must be feeling better if I can actually write something that corny. And it didn't even take a bowl of ice cream to get me there. It's amazing what a good night's sleep, some therapeutic morning-time baking and a freaking hysterical site can do for one's attitude.

I had the chance to check out Eric Conveys an Emotion today (via Ernie) and it cracked me up so much that I had no choice but to cheer up. This guy has a wonderfully expressive face and a wicked sense of humor. When you need a laugh or twelve, go to his site and start clicking on the filled emotions on the left. I suggest scrolling to the middle and starting from there if you're in dire need, as he has honed his expressions as he's gone along and from "Mr. Burns' 'Excellent' Face" on, he really hits his stride. When you've gone through them all, take at peek at some of his adventures -- I recommend "The New Pad," which has a cameo by Ernie himself.

I plan to print out the Mask of Doom and stick it up in my cube when I'm having a day like yesterday. I think it will get the "go away and leave me alone" message across much more effectively than the terribly polite note I'm using now.

Have a wonderful, sunshiny weekend.