September 12, 2004

Roses are...

Late Summer Roses

Roses are red,
Roses are pink,
Summer's soon to end,
I rather think.

The house I've recently moved into came complete with over a half-dozen mature, blooming and beautiful rose bushes. This made leaving behind the one bush I'd planted myself and tended to for years a little easier. I've been taking one bud at a time in to work with me every few days, to put in the tiny little vase I have there, and brighten up the place.

But yesterday, my mom gave me a crystal bowl that we've had in our family for many years, in yet another round of the "Trade the household items back and forth" game we've been playing for the last decade. (The game goes something like this: "You want to put my recliner in your living room?" "Sure, do you want to take this picture and put it on that wall?" "Great! How about putting that coffee table in with the recliner?" "Cool. Want to swap dressers? That one would go better in my room." Etc.)

So I finally had a decent vessel to put some of the open roses into today. Now, I am no sort of flower arranger, but it's kind of hard to mess up roses and I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Since I was berating myself earlier in the day for not taking my camera with me when I really could have used it -- normally I take it everywhere! -- while up in San Francisco at the 2004 T-Mobile International bicycle race, I decided to make it up to myself a bit by snapping a few shots of the blooms.

The above (bad) rhyme and other three paragraphs are a really long-winded way of saying: Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts and take time to stop and, er....view the roses!