September 01, 2004

A Night on the Town, Playing Possum

Because, as I've mentioned before in passing, I enter a lot of contests (like every one I come across that appeals to me), from time to time interesting things show up at my door unexpectedly. Yesterday was one of those days.

On a mere one day's notice I was awarded the chance to go see Dame Edna's new show, "Back with a Vengeance, " in its pre-Broadway run up in San Francisco. If you don't know who Dame Edna is or what her act is all about, skip that paragraph or go check out the site above because I'm too tired to explain it to you right now.

So April and I trekked up to Baghdad by the Bay (it is still okay to call SF that, or does that politicize things?) for a quick, inexpensive bite before the show at Lefty O'Doul's, which is apparently an institution, and which neither of us had ever been to before. The food was good, though not great, but I got to watch the Giants game for a while so it was time well-spent. We were still early -- this does not happen very often where I am involved -- so we walked around the theatre area for a while, dodging all manner of characters and not finding a single decent place to get some post-dinner, pre-theatre dessert!

The show was a delightful and hysterical combination of improvisation and in-character patter that had her devoted audience of possums, many of whom ended up on stage as part of the show, in stitches. To those who were asked but chose not to go: You. Missed. Out.

It ran a little longer than I had anticipated, but once I got over my intermission-length yawning stint I was ready to hit the long trail back to the South Bay, especially with the promise of sweet succor along the way. It has become our tradition to stop at Krispy Kreme on the drive home and, although the "hot doughnut" light was not on, it was as delectable as ever. To those who were asked but chose not to go: You. REALLY. Missed. Out.

Now if I could just win tickets to something that actually takes me out of the greater Bay Area, life would be looking up.