September 28, 2004

Shake me, quake me

Oy. Remember how there was a situation at work that was stressing me? Well, it has gotten even worse, and will be staying that way for at least two more months. But so far, so good, overall -- as I like to say, I haven't killed myself or anyone else yet, so it's fine, just fine. There was one point where I was tempted to run out of the building screaming, but then I got busy and forgot.

Today was a 12-hour workday, so my level of concentration is not at its highest right now. I've got three possible topics to talk about, and I can't decide which one has the best potential. Okay, make that two things, because between the time I started writing and now, I've forgotten what the third one was.

Aw, hell, I'm going to go with the fastest one. Today there was a pretty decent-sized earthquake here in CA today. It was in the middle of the state on the San Andreas fault, and was felt for a couple hundred miles up and down the state. People in my building felt it, but I did not. I was probably yawning at the time. They're still having aftershocks right now, over 12 hours later. (If you're interested in seeing exactly where and how many, check out this site. I love it. Or, for the whole country, go here.)

At the same time, there are reports that Mount St. Helens is grumbling and making noise, sparking worries that it's going to erupt. Considering how devastating the last eruption in 1980 was, it's definitely a cause for concern.

So, temblors are on my mind and I'm wondering what your experience has been with earthquakes. Never felt one? A seasoned, shaken veteran? Terrified that your state (*ahem*) is going to slide into a nearby ocean? Spill it! I'm all aquiver to hear.