September 02, 2004

Oooh, catblogging!

I happened by Sharp as a Marble this morning to catch up on the last few days and found he had once again posted some great pictures of his cat, Hudson. (Great picture of his beautiful daughter there, too, but as I am daughterless I won't be emulating that!) This post has what is, thus far, my favorite of the pictures he has featured. And with a "Carnival of Cats" promised sometime for the future, there's more to look forward to there.

What I would like to know is why Norman has not once given him a hard time about his catblogging since he started. (It's true, I checked.) Granted, most of his pictures are a lot better than mine -- and those on most every other catblogging I've seen, gratuitous or otherwise -- but the man is a professional photographer. The quality improvement is, therefore, to be expected. But it's still catblogging, so what gives? Hmmm?

I figure this is as good as any time to announce the imminent return of catblogging to One Ping Only. This upcoming long weekend, I will labor away on the format with my new blogging partner and I hope to unveil it for your holiday enjoyment.

This post is in the can and coming to you early (for me) because I have yet another fun-packed evening planned. Thanks to the generosity of my friends Rita and Eddie (who, by the by, is Squeaky-Ruby's dad and official photographer), friends and I will be going to the SF 49ers pre-season game tonight against the San Diego Chargers. It has a late start (8:00pm) for some reason, and I have to drive my companions up into the big, bad city afterwards, so I anticipate my return to the Valley to be fairly late into the night.

I need to get to sleep at a decent time just once this week or I'm going to crash. So in the interest of spending the time between getting home and going to bed by watching tonight's episode of Big Brother 5 (it's "live" eviction night!) on TiVo instead of slaving away here, a little pre-planning was necessary. Don't worry, it won't become a habit.